November 15, 2018

If you think sacrifice is suffering. Redefine "sacrifice".

At just 25,
I now live my version of a fairytale life in a beautiful European country with my mind-blowingly-amazing partner (who has a sexy accent) surrounded by my inspiring, loving soul tribe and travel multiple times a year. I get paid to do my own soul work and share that with my people. My life just gets more blissful and beautiful, daily, because every single day I realize the fuller truth of Who I Am. IAm, You are, We are The One Infinite Creator. Pure Source energy. Limitlessness delighting in experiencing itself.
What did I 'sacrifice' for this?
  • My joy filled 6 year marriage to an incredible man
  • My sweet cuddly rescue pup, Autumn.
  • My cozy life in a lovely home filled with multiple bookshelves
  • 95% of EVERYTHING I own
  • An ENTIRE community of family and friends I loved
  • Comfort and certainty
I could go on...but I don't need to feed the story any more.
Here's what you may get to 'sacrifice' for an epic (fulfilled) life =
  • superficial conversations
  • seeking validation
  • feeling unworthy of what you desire most
  • believing you could be separate from Creation
  • believing in the illusion of lack
  • resistance to change/expansion/growth/Self
  • playing small
  • lying to yourself
  • the programs that no longer serve you name a few. But I promise this is ALL worth it for the life that lights you up.
Joyful Sacrifice is just RELEASING what you are not.
Affirm with me:
"I am a master of joyfully releasing what no longer serves me or my highest good.I know I find comfort within."

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