Untouchable Confidence

so you
Spend less time doubting & more time shining

The Pleasurabl€ Pro$perity Program

Together, we embody what is required for a joy filled body, bank account and spirit...Backed by the leading edge neuroscience, quantum mechanics and universal law. Free from bullshit. Full of exhilaration.

I know you've read the money books, you taken the programs, you've gotten the coaching. You've "done all the things". So what's this program going to change for you?

THIS container, should you accept this invitation, is your FINAL permission slip to be who you came here to be, one loving step and day at a time. 

Do you doubt that?
That's good to see, if so.

Deep down somewhere, you think you have to sacrifice something. That's why you are still experiencing less than 10/10 life situations. Somewhere, you are believing you don't GET TO have it all. Well it's 100% good, right and holy for you to be rich, hot and famous....or wealthy, influential and radiant...if that's what you desire.
Whatever nourishes you IS sustainable financially. So it's time you were clear on what your desires ARE and what beliefs you must hold in order to cue your environment with what you long for.
You are wondering...Will this meet MY unique situation?
this program is for:
 The spiritual seeker ready to expand their heart, wallet and edges
➜ The self help junkie who struggles with their money, sensuality and worthiness to claim their next level version of their life
➠The ones awakening to their greatness more every day
➣ The ones who still play it safe more often than not and don't FULLY express themselves
➳ The frustrated ones who know the answers but struggle to implement and see the shift in their finances
➽ The hopeful ones that know with the grounded environment of accountability, laser focused direction and others mirroring to them their unsupported systems, they WILL create a whole new Operating System
⇨ The ones wanting to feel their passion and drive to go after their dreams, in a concrete, results oriented way 
in just 6 delicious weeks together, we will cover:
✔ How to practice Tantra with Money
✔ Instantly Turning up the Dial on Your Frequency to Activate God Mode
✔ Communicating with our Ancestral Line to clear any blocks to Money 
✔ Hearing the Jingle of Money Everywhere
✔ How to Enjoy Practically Every Second of Your Life, Here on Out, Literally
✔ Pleasure, Prayer, Emotional States and Physical Manifestation of Money in your Bank Account
✔ Healing the Mother AND Father Wounds (This one module is worth the cost of the program right here)
✔ Mastering the Art of Bliss and Graceful Expansion
✔ Fast Pleasure and Slow Pleasure
✔ How to Ignite your Passion even in the Winter of Doubt + Depression
✔ How to Use Totems and Symbols to Create the Beliefs that You Want
✔ Reverent Communion with your Genitals
✔ Making Life one Sacred Ceremony
✔ What to do about Distraction
✔ Healing all Discord with Your Gender of Attraction
✔ Healing all Past Relationships
✔ Disintegrating Illusion by Integrating Shame, Embarrassment, Disgust, Self loathing and Powerlessness
✔ Honoring the Masculine
✔ Letting Yourself ROAR: The Beauty in your Inner Beast
✔ Worshiping the Cock
✔ Worshiping the Pussy
✔ Harnessing the Raw Power of your Inner Bad Girl/Bad Boy Who is Untamed and Very Naughty
✔ Addressing Needs and Emotions through Life Changing Questions
✔ Clearing Ancestral Lines and Parallel Lives when Sexuality was Shamed and Wealth was Dangerous
✔ Toning to Fully Optimize our Human Vessel
✔ What is Sex Magic and How to Use Orgasmic Manifestation
✔ Dearmoring your Heart and Body
✔ Harnessing the natural power of the seasons, lunar transit, female ovulation, and each 24 hr cycle
✔ Increasing your Turn On and Magnetism When You Feel Like  A Slobby Poor Potato
✔ Increasing Will Power and Determination
✔ and so much more...
($3,500 value)
 Your Essence is the Kingdom of Heaven that you seek to experience through money. 

In this program, you won't get left behind. When you discover a blind spot, or a dark corner you are willing to look or love into, we will rally behind you and support in any way necessary. We are doing the work for the collective and sexuality and money have lots of primal fear and illusion of separation around it. But this is fun for us to dive into our depths of greatness. This is why we're here.

You get to decide. You are the Master of reality.

This is the place I teach from in Pleasurable Prosperity. The only limits are the constructs in your own mind. We seek to identify and then love these self-created limits into oblivion. As we direct our will, surrender and return to our Knowingness of Abundance and manifest the results of our focus palpably into the physical world.
Are you ready to raise your perception of WHAT'S FULLY POSSIBLE for you?
Did you know there's actually a palpable, energetic state where you don't "HOPE it happens" anymore
...you "KNOW it will or something even better than you imagine will". 
Because, everything is here to serve you.


$3,500 value
for just $660
& ONLY $400 for the first 10!

I Want this Next Level of Living, RIGHT NOW
Payment Plan available upon request.

You'll receive this in the form of:

6 weekly group paradigm-shifting Coaching calls with Karissa that will raise your wealth consciousness and capacity to receive pleasure

DAILY GUIDANCE + Support in a Private Whatsapp Group Thread to ask any questions, share any unique challenges you're facing, get feedback, and reflections from other inspiring co-creators doing the work with you

Each unit contains Consciousness expanding Homework & Self Reflection journal prompts

6 Laser focused Weeks of PsychoSpiritual Bootcamp + Daily Guidance in the forms of Video and written Mission Directives

Printable PDF's including new belief programming for your subconscious mind

Private Facebook Group Access to Connect with other members, 

Who is Karissa Wieskamp?

I am an advocate for your limitlessness. I am a wayshower, creating Heaven on Earth. I am money's mouthpiece, a representative for angels and an ambassador for Gaia.  I have manifested my ideal life in 3 separate ways so far and my dream partners 3 times and counting. When I view life as a game or an experiment, where everything is feedback and all I can do is win, Life mirrors that back to me.
I teach people what they know in their soul to be true and they pay me to gently and powerfully hold their hand as they walk back home towards their fullness of being.
Special Bonuses only for Pleasurable Prosperity Participants:
✔ Multiple 4 min Affirmative Hype Tracks (to pop into greater alignment through higher frequency attunement to more effortlessly create your preferred reality)
✔ PDF of The Values/Boundaries in My Relationships (that have healed my relationships to my parents and past lovers and have generated incredible relationships with the opposite sex + people that inspire me)
✔ Video Training on the Human Design Types (that are likely challenged by mastering money and what to do about it)
✔ Each participant's Gene Key and Human Design profile individually reviewed and teaching specially adjust for your specific Human Design blueprint. (Exercises and questions for your specific human design blueprint taking your type, open centers and authority into account)
✔ PDF of "The Stages of Dealing with Negative Feelings and Thoughts" 
✔ Specifically Curated Playlists (for: seducing yourself, relaxing deep into healing, dancing in gratitude for your coming abundance, celebration, pleasuring yourself, loving the darkness, sweating sensually, embodying your peak state, activating your Kundalini, and activating your powerhouse resource)
✔ Archangel Support Meditation
✔ Guided Whole Body Workout to Enhance Focus your Will/Desire/Determination (for the morning time/feeling directionless/doubtful/not confident/stuck/resistant/fearful) [Intensity: Low]
✔ Guided Whole Body Workout to Increase your Turn On/Magnetism/Arousal Capacity and Pleasure (perfect before a date, self pleasuring, or winding down) [Intensity: Medium]
✔ Guided Whole Body Workout to Ignite your Inner Fire and Fan your Own Flames when feeling sluggish/lethargic/unmotivated [Intensity: Medium High]
✔ Video Module on "How to Connect to Your Angels and Request Money"
✔plus more gifts!

Here's what students of this course (who do the work) will be able to say is their reality:
I can't believe what has surfaced over this time. WOWWWW. I could have never imagined how many shifts I would have. I literally feel like a new person. Those sneaky fears that used to pop up so often, I feel so much love for. I love that I can go about my day feeling confident about asking for money, speaking my feelings, stating my desires and remaining with my heart open. I've manifested such mind-blowing interactions and gifts of money showing up. I'm feeling more and more connected to my purpose every day. It really feels like I live in a game now. It only gets better from here. I deeply see how everything seeks to support me now, especially money. I ask myself sometimes, is this really possible? Then I remember YES! I am comfortable with receiving this amount of Light and Beauty and Financial Abundance in my life.
"I attribute the calls with Karissa over the last few weeks to the fruition of a long-held desire to work for myself. Since practicing the exercises, I've brought in enough contract work to support myself without having to go to a full time office job. 
Karissa, your program is amazing and I'm so grateful to have shared this time with you! 
Possibilities are presenting themselves everyday and the light just keeps getting brighter! Shine on!"

K. Frazee

"I want to give a shout out to her for her behind-the-scenes influence in my life. Because of our conversations and her example, this week I made the final release of a relationship that was weighing me down. Although the decision-making was fraught with uncertainty and ambivalence, on this side I now feel confident resting in the belief that should hold the space in my life for an intimate relationship with someone whose values and communication skills are a fantastic match with mine. 

I'm going to continue raising myself up and attracting the best. 
Thank you, Karissa, for speaking into my life and consistently, gently urging me to not settle. Here's to high quality relationships!" 

Kesha Kellogg

"I have learned to create my immediate future with ease. Before I react to a situation, I can literally see 2 realities (I'm a very visual person, and these "visions" usually are as clear as a movie in my mind). I can decide which one better serves me and is better for my soul...
[Karissa] has helped me be more of the patient and loving person I desire to be, and a better mother as well. Deepest Gratitude!!!!"

Amber McDowell

Vote for the world you want with your focus. We really have to CARE about how we feel if we want relief. Relief comes from sending love and appreciation to the negative thoughts that arise. Relief comes centering our attention on What Is and the perfection of What Is. Relief comes from taking inspired action towards the version of you that lights your whole body up.
Your money and pleasure upgrades come from your choices to acknowledge yourself in every moment, conscious AND unconscious. Are you finally ready to consistently & FULLY take OWNERSHIP for your experience?
Your fear is here to guide you towards what you need to see.
Imagine what you could accomplish DAILY
if you truly believed You Are an Indestructible Being at your core.
Here's a few reasons, why you definitely need to check this program out for yourself:

1. It's incredibly affordable . You have very low risk and extremely high reward possible, if YOU commit to yourself.
2. When you address the root of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, you change your Vibrational Set Point.
3. You're breaking monotony, coasting and stagnation
4. You are accountable to yourself and the rest of the group to actually DO the mission directives. You can't hide or slide out of becoming Who You Want to Be.

SO, Are you ready to raise your perception of WHAT'S FULLY POSSIBLE for you?
✔Remember, YOU are your own greatest authority.
✔You are the Creator. You are the Master. You are God. You get to decide, always.
✔Nothing is outside of you. Especially money.
Your reality seeks to serve you.
***I'm READY NOW***
Call Times:
Dec 10
Dec 17
Dec 22
Dec 31
Jan 7
Jan 13
the Details:
You won’t be overrun by ideas if you focus on small incremental steps.
You will be always supported to follow your own flow, to follow your own intuition and go at your own pace. After payment, you will get an invite sent to the email you paid with.
The private zoom calls, Pleasurable Prosperity Facebook and Whatsapp group, and the resource library to where everything you need will be linked to you.
For any questions, shoot me a message here
Full refund is available within 7 days of purchase.
Last day to join is December 16!
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