Ascend: Inner Mastery Program

Do you know what it FEELS like to feel on-fire with your Inner Pilot Light bright and steady?
Feel like the full version of you hasn't been expressed yet? like you're capable of so much more?
like you're only playing at half capacity.
If so, I want to see you in Ascend: Inner Mastery (AIM). = My latest paradigm shifting program for the public.

Yo it sounds cliche but You're here to do Great things in the world. I don't have to tell you that. You feel it in your bones.

So your options look like: Keep doing what you're doing. (And awesome if that feels good to you!)
OR if these words ring with you....
Try this close knit group and program I'm creating for just us.

What does it take to play at the level of your infinite Soul?
(Every. Damn. Day.)
What does it take to have breakthroughs *daily* from taking consistent inspired action from inner alignment and excitement?

For each of the 21 days you'll be given a video, audio or written journal prompt. This is the real work. 
Yes, we will challenge and support you to act on your Soul's calling.
Fulfillment, confidence and clarity tastes so sweet. You're going to trust me on this one.


What if You looking like a fool was the greatest gift to yourself and others?

What if you got rid of what you once thought you needed to be comfortable?
You could realize you need nothing to comfort yourself.
You Are Your Security, Safety and Comfort.

Do you know what it FEELS like to feel on-fire with your Inner Pilot Light bright and steady?

Cause you are allowed to Feel Good. Really Really God-Good.

Affirm with me:
"I allow myself to feel really really good and i release all that no longer serves me. I love being in the vortex. I love knowing that all i want and need is available to me and so i just act on my highest excitement to the best of my ability without insistence on the outcome."
Did you know,
We're all channeling our personalities? Therefore, we are all channels. We have access *in this moment* to everything we need. We already have everything we need to succeed. If not, redefine your version of success.

As SOON as the idea kisses you- take inspired action. Write, record the video. Don't wait. The universe doesn't exist in a vacuum. Get the ball rolling. Show your dedication and desire for it.

--> Your outcome with this program: depends wholly on you.
My intention for your experience: You connected to your heart, your highest excitement, your message, your calling, taking inspired soul-aligned action daily that fuels inner breakthroughs & whole paradigm shifts.

--> YOU inspiring the f*ck out of YOURSELF (with what you allow to come through/create) to the point of awe/bliss/gratitude tears.

^^That's a solid way to experience ecstasy.
Ecstasy through selfless service. (Because service to Self is service to others.)
Maybe that's the formula to the Multi/Universe.

Those who take course this are knowing and saying this:
"...I love being me. I love being in flow. I love being one with the Cosmic Divine. I love that I have everything I need in this moment to be who I want to be - an epic manifestation of Pure Source Love & Power. I love that my soul is calling me to greatness."

(There will be delicious Pre-work journal prompts instantly available upon joining.)

Just $111.

I'm in Karissa!

After payment, you will get an invite to the password protected Teachable platform where your “Ascend: Inner Mastery” course and everything you need will be hosted for the 22 days together.
100% satisfaction guarantee.
For questions, shoot me a message here.
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