Untouchable Confidence

so you
Spend less time doubting & more time shining
Listen, it's time to stop hoarding your content.
Now is always The Time to decide to speak your truth, shine your light, and turn the magic all the way on.

I know your community doesn't know the real you, you've waited to see if it's safe and have slowly shown your true colors over the years, tiptoeing towards full unapologetic expression. I know the idea is VERY exciting to say whatever and sell whatever comes to heart, but you hesitate.

✘ You haven’t produced on your YouTube channel
✘ You haven't offered your art for sale
✘ You haven’t published the book
✘ You haven’t launched your site
✘ You haven’t told him what you want/need in the relationship
✘ You haven’t shared your real self with your family
✘ You haven’t applied what you learned
✘ You haven't started getting paid to be YOU
✘ You haven’t sold your junk and traveled

You haven't done something that the very thought of it LIGHTS you up, but then dim it. "Not yet, the timing, the money, the energy, the bandwith, the clarity, the numbers, the vacation time".
It's almost like you've been waiting for something terrible or epic to drop out of the sky, so that you would give yourself permission to take a leap and get serious about your own life!

I know, you have great excuses why you haven't done the thing or why you shrink back and dim your light. Super articulate and mentally convincing excuses. You told yourself things like, "I had a better, new, more exciting idea come along" or "the just desire faded" or "I didn't know how to get people on board".
While you may have convinced yourself halfway, that you don't actually need or WANT to execute...
 you can't shake that feeling that you're here to do something EPIC.
You may have full steam in the beginning, but when it's time to be seen and heard.. suddenly you have a headache, neck / shoulder pain or become obsessed with cleaning your house to procrastinate it. And since you haven't taken action on your inspired ideas...You may sense a dullness of your fire, a longing, a barely detectable emptiness, lethargy, tightness, heaviness, until the next great idea comes along that's IN your comfort zone and you happily free yourself of the compulsion to bring IT to full life.

You may label this pattern emotional baggage, fear, energetic blocks, confusion, or resistance. Ultimately, it's self doubt and belief in the illusion of separation from your source.

I'll cut the flowery words and lay it out. You playing small isn't serving anyone. If you have a desire to share, that's your evidence you don't GET to play small. (Your heart doesn't GAF anyway, it KNOWS it's baller and wants to be of service.)

My friend, you are SO worth your time, attention and grace. Here's the good, good news.
 I know this song and dance. I really freaking got it. I played it out hundreds of times.
Until one day, I got really disgusted with my choices (from a background of love and acceptance). 

I saw I had unconsciously wired my neural synapses for fear over Love. 
And then, I saw the only way out of this pattern of doubt and inaction...
Ask  yourself:
What if I learned how to KNOW I am unconditionally worthy of my desires?
What if I KNEW just how supported and loved I am by creation?
What if I turned my magic all the way on?
What if for 40 Days I committed to showing up for myself, every day, bright and bold...and channeled my inner peacock?
What if I learned The Tao of Shameless Self Promotion and legit felt really good about it?
What if... through daily connection to my Emotional Guidance System...I could read the map to my emotions, get to the root of unsupportive beliefs and shift my state?
What if I could immediately catch a negative thought spiral, reroute it, feeling relief?
What would it feel like to be the biggest fan of myself?
What do I KNOW I would accomplish if I was my #1 Biggest Fan?
Seriously stop and take 3 seconds to reflect on this.
I'll wait.

Can you say emphatically say you are your biggest cheerleader? 'Cause I know you want this for yourself.

You know, isn't it a little bonkers that we AREN'T our own biggest fan?
Pfft, who said we couldn't be anyway!? ...certainly not someone who inspires us NOW, that's fersher.
"I want to give a shout out to her for her behind-the-scenes influence in my life. Because of our conversations and her example, this week I made the final release of a relationship that was weighing me down. Although the decision-making was fraught with uncertainty and ambivalence, on this side I now feel confident resting in the belief that should hold the space in my life for an intimate relationship with someone whose values and communication skills are a fantastic match with mine. 

I'm going to continue raising myself up and attracting the best. 
Thank you, Karissa, for speaking into my life and consistently, gently urging me to not settle. Here's to high quality relationships!" 

Kesha Kellogg

Look, a few months ago I specifically wanted to find absolute confidence in myself to launch any offering that excited me.
I wanted to feel the satisfying flow of 
'What if? ...Yes, let's! ...OMG I'm doing it. ...Holy cow, I DID it. ...OMG let's do it again! What if? ....Oooh YEAH, I'm selling that. ...Someone definitely needs this.'
(Because I plan to be in my zone of genius the rest of my life.)

Deep within, I found that authentic, unapologetic, untouchable place in myself that doesn't give any fucks BECAUSE I give so many fucks. You follow me? Cause that's gold.
Since you really care so much about your life and your message/mission... you have to become very clear on what IS your responsibility and what isn't. Clear on what is IN your power and what isn't. 
I found out there's a whole lotta freedom and relief in the truth.

When you think "Who am I to ______?" You're really saying "I don't believe the power is within, so I'm waiting until someone more authoritative gives me permission, a certificate maybe, that says 'I can now do this and call myself that."
...Shoot, I called myself a Mentor to Global Consciousness Leaders before I had 1 client. This is what I wanted, so I owned it, spoke it, am it, became it, NOW. I don't wait for physical reality to 'catch up' anymore. 

Ballsy? Maybe. Brilliant? Absolutely.
"I attribute the calls with Karissa over the last few weeks to the fruition of a long-held desire to work for myself. Since practicing the exercises, I've brought in enough contract work to support myself without having to go to a full time office job. 
Karissa, your program is amazing and I'm so grateful to have shared this time with you! 
Possibilities are presenting themselves everyday and the light just keeps getting brighter! Shine on!"

K. Frazee

Gabby Bernstein, Oprah, Ester Hicks, Beyonce, Marie Forleo...they didn't get where they are today by doubting themselves into inaction.

You don't become someone who massively enriches+impacts lives while believing, "Aw shucks I don't have that much to say." Or "Who will listen to me?" or "I don't even have 1k followers!"
You have to believe it (nonphysically) before you see it (physically). That's simply how reality operates. We're simply utilizing universal law.
Here's what students of this course (who do the work) will be able to say is their reality:
I love that I have confidence that my needs will be met by following my excitement. I love knowing that my sizeable fortune is coming to me and looking for ways to get in my bank account. I love that I have set intentions and brought them to life. I have so much to be grateful for. I love being a sexy, tapped in, tuned in, turned on, radiant leader. I love leading from alignment. I love knowing I have everything I need, right now. I love being a conduit, a messenger of Love & Expansion. I love being an energy moving being. I am really grateful I Am my highest authority now. I listen to my soul and do what moves me in grace, ease and flow. I feel and know All is perfect; all is well."

Untouchable Confidence

The Key for visionaries doing the inner work to get paid for their soulwork.
Tap into confidence like Kanye, experience radical spiritual self awareness, and unleash the version of you
Who Knows She's Unstoppable.
So you can spend less time doubting and more time feeling passionate in your purpose.

You'll receive this in the form of:

Exclusive Video training modules

BS Slashing Messages to go deep within

Expanding Journal Exercises

Transformational Guided Mirror Work

Clarity-Inducing Meditations

Affirmative Truth Bombs & Mantras

We'll cover topics including:

Holistic and Systemic Energetic Balancing
Positive Expectation and Law of Attraction
Permanently Changing Negative Core Beliefs that Derail You
How to Ground into Deep Peace
Resilient Optimism to Focus on what's Truly Real
Harnessing the Moon and Tapping into Mother Nature's
How to Center Yourself
Clearing Energtic Blocks & Cross Purposes
Fear, Doubt, Worry Transformation
The Rejection Proofing Game
How to Create New Neural Pathways for Confidence & Courage
Training your Nervous System for Peace
The Tao of Shameless Self Promotion
Self Empowerment Exercises + Experiments
How to Start your Morning Like a Soulful Genius
My Personal Habits and Practices
How to Sell from your Soul
Utilizing your Emotional Guidance System
Transforming Negative Thought Spirals
How Read your Unique Emotional Treasure Map
How to Shift your State at any Moment
...and many more.
All delivered in one easy-access platform you can use on any mobile device.
"I have learned to create my immediate future with ease. Before I react to a situation, I can literally see 2 realities (I'm a very visual person, and these "visions" usually are as clear as a movie in my mind). I can decide which one better serves me and is better for my soul...
[Karissa] has helped me be more of the patient and loving person I desire to be, and a better mother as well. Deepest Gratitude!!!!"

Amber McDowell

covered in Untouchable Confidence
the simple + the profound:
Realize the scary shadows are your friends
➜ Discover the key you've been hiding is really your oracle
➠ Share your heart with the globe, starting with home base
➣ Expand past your limitations
➳ Unlock your Knowingness from its shackles
➽ Strengthen your connection to source
⇨ Gain the radiance of being fully tapped in
➺ Master magnetism & unapologetic self confidence
➺ Upgrade your frequency by applying practical spirituality
It takes deciding, every day, until inner revolution is no longer needed.
Untouchable confidence comes from seeing clearly, as Source sees.

Imagine what you could accomplish DAILY 
if you truly believed you are an indestructible being at your core.

(To get the most out of  this course, select "Better with a Buddy". This plan exclusively allows entry for you AND one friend. (SAVE $150) It includes ALL the juicy benefits of the Solo plan PLUS access to my private Untouchable Confidence Support Group, one 60 minute coaching call with you and your friend together, and accountability calls between you two. Because of the value this course provides & the potential impact I know you can have, I am committed to you receiving your desired outcome. Research proves that we stick to commitments longer and enjoy learning processes more when we have a partner to share our satisfying journey with.)

Solo Powered

one-time payment
Exclusive Training Modules
Printable PDF Mantras
Guided Meditations
Journal Exercises
Access to Playlist of State Changing Songs
**BONUS** Youtube Video Playlist

Better with a Buddy

one-time payment
Join the course with a friend
Everything in Solo Powered, PLUS
Exclusive Training Modules
Printable PDF Mantras
Guided Meditations
Journal Exercises
Access to Playlist of State Changing Songs
**BONUS** Youtube Video Playlist
Private Support Group
1 x 60 min Coaching Call with You & Your Buddy Together
Self Appointed Accountability Calls Between You & Your Buddy
2 Course Membership Licenses

VIP Experience

one-time payment
Everything in Solo Powered, PLUS
Exclusive Training Modules
Printable PDF Mantras
Guided Meditations
Journal Exercises
Access to Playlist of State Changing Songs
**BONUS** Youtube Video Playlist
Private Support Group
3 x 30 min Personal Development 1-1 Calls:
- Address specific fears, blocks and beliefs
- Transform your victim story 
- Rewire your thought paths 
- Upgrade your perception 
- Get introduced to the Untouchable You
2 x 30 min Business Development 1-1 Calls:
- Review Business Projects
- Brainstorm & Strategize Together
- Provide Structure, Resources, Contacts
- Discuss your Product/Service/Offering to Monetize, Attract and Serve
Are you OVER it and need confidence, like TODAY? Fast track this process exponentially. Go VIP and you get 5 thirty minute breakthrough calls with me. 2 of these calls will be focused on supporting your business, projects or art. 3 calls will be personally focused on mastery of your inner world: One at the beginning of the course, one in the middle and one upon completion to make sure you get more than you imagined from this course.

You'll experience that this energy is truly contagious in the best way possible. And it's way more simple than you imagine. Simple and profound is my credo.
Book VIP here for $1000. (Valued at $2,000)
For a payment plan, message me.
***Yes please I'm VIP***
the Details:
After payment, you will get an invite sent to the email connected to your Paypal. 
The Teachable platform will be linked there, where everything you need will be hosted.
BWAB & VIP clients will receive my calendar to schedule their call times. 
For any questions, shoot me a message here.
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