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so you
Spend less time doubting & more time shining

The Reality Upgrade Intensive

Has anyone ever told you that your Ideal Reality is programmable?
Changing your current experience to one you prefer is primarily an inside job. You may be familiar with this concept. But it's not just a nice idea...it's utilizing the structure of Existence.
Your beliefs, your expectation, the thoughts you keep thinking are what created your current situation.
In this live group program, we're taking 4 weeks of intense examination of the lies and limitations we've been telling ourselves for WAY. TOO. LONG.
But that's just 1% of the game. We will laser focus on the thoughts and beliefs we *need to* hold... to create exactly the feeling state we want to continuously maintain.
This is a launching pad, fertile soil, the catalyst you need to get where you want to go, at the PACE you want to be there.
You are wondering...Will this meet MY unique situation?
this program is for:
 The spiritual seeker looking for a catalyst for expansion
➜ The self help junkie looking for a permission slip to be that next level version 
➠The ones awakening to their greatness more every day
➣ The highly sensitive / empath / old souls
➳ The frustrated ones who know the answers but struggle to implement and see the shift
➽ The hopeful ones that know with the grounded environment of accountability, laser focused direction and others mirroring to them their unsupported systems, they WILL create a whole new Operating System
⇨ The not-so-average Joe or Jill wanting to feel their passion and drive to go after their dreams, in a concrete, results oriented way through Mental Emotional Strength Building Bootcamp
This program is a movement. We're saying Yes to our Desired Life...Claiming that we are the Victor of our Story. This means we utilize the awareness that the Universe only ever says 'Yes' to what we put our focus on. Here, we are creating paradise from the inside out.
We'll upgrade our words, we'll upgrade our thoughts through weeding out the unsupportive ones --wait,
honestly? the list is exhaustive what ALL is upgraded through our time together.
Beliefs are just thoughts we've kept on thinking. Together we'll support one another in pressing DELETE on the thoughts we don't fancy and transforming our beliefs that BLOCK us to beliefs that PROPEL us.
We're pressing delete on the thoughts that don't line up with radical love, unforseen adventure, fame with purpose,
an energized body that purrs like a ferrari, feeling ecstasy rippling up and down our human bits, financial freedom, better relationships and a prosperous mind.
Your view will turn from "I'm doing The Work and it feels like slogging through quicksand"
"WOO! I'm e n e r g i z e d b*tches! Because I'm All-In on the high stakes game called My f*cking legacy."

What’s the difference between these two states and how do you close the gap?
What are we doing here people?! ...Settling for ANYTHING less than what lights our fucking HEARTS on fire every. day...? Do you know the difference between APATHY and PEACEFUL PRESENCE?

What if you could RESTART your day/ your life / your direction at any moment throughout your day? What if you saw as Creation sees? What if you saw yourself as whole, not flawed, and perfectly where you need to be, right now, because everything is in perfect timing?
Let's DO this
I don’t use the word “INTENSIVE” lightly. This program calls you to be ALL IN for yourself. DEDICATED.. COMMITTED to your relaxation into EXPANSION.
The shifts you will create can be as BIG as you’re willing to play. And guys, the very first day’s Pre-Work is the **most productive mental reprogramming exercise** I’ve done - to this date.

You want to do more of what makes TIME IRRELEVANT and your ENERGY levels, BOUNDLESS.
But what does it practically take?
When you’re acting on your highest excitement without insistence on a specific outcome, you can experience...
...the money showing up so you can go on retreats, Hawaii for 2 weeks and see your family on another continent.
...noticing time is expanding and contracting to fit all that you actually *need* to do in a day.
...forgetting where you live momentarily & running up an extra flight of stairs, even though you live on the 5th floor. And not blinking an eye or breathing heavy cause you’re Sourced AF.
...70 people seemingly coming out of the ethers to cocreate with you in your shared passion.
If you want to surprise yourself and experience What’s Actually Possible even though it doesn’t seem plausible...join us inside now.
Yo, I wish I could take this program myself! We’re expanding into loving and monetizing your WHOLE self but hey! Apparently I get to let it come through me.
I’m honored to gift it all for $500.
You’re going to be remembering this as “that time I realized my own Bullshit patterns & expanded past what I once never allowed myself to see and be”.
Your ideas, your highest excitement, your passion...this is why you're here. Allow yourself grace and the space to feel that. Feeling is your superpower.
I know it seems scary...ALL THAT POWER you can feel brimming. And you avoid feeling. Because you're afraid of the depths of darkness you've sank into in the past. And you know you're not that person. So why allow that expression? Because by suppressing it, you're saying it has power over you. That something *could* hurt you. But remember...
YOU are an indestructible being at your CORE!
Your existence is vital. Your ideas are answers to prayers. Your work is answering prayers. Silently, invisibly, but impactfully, you are choosing the world you want to live in. With every choice you are literally choosing the reality you'll experience. When you act on your highest excitement you are literally creating heaven on earth for yourself.
We have this idea that we can finish. "Once I'm done, I can rest" maybe coming from earlier years..."Once I do this, my parent will stop bothering me".
Like, at a lower energetic state, we have a hope we can just BE DONE already. So we're looking for a way out and we're avoiding. Maybe even with a touch of the belief "The longer I'm alive, the worse it gets" from our childhood or "It's only going downhill from here". Hopelessness and powerlessness reminiscent of your early years.
And the real thing is, you've probably considered ending your life at some point...hoping you can just get out of the pain. But you know now how pointless THAT is. You can't escape your reason for Being. You can't escape your purpose. Not even in death. So as you've gotten older you've realized there's no real relief in suicide. Because you don't *really* want to die. Even if your darkest moments.
What you *really* want, is to LIVE. Fully.
In your zone of genius.
You want to feel that sweet relief of CONSTANTLY being in flow.
And what's frustrating to you is that you KNOW this song and dance. You preach this. Hell, maybe you even made money helping others navigate this kind of course. SO then there's even a bit (or alot) of shame around needing support and reminding yourself of this truth when you wobble.
Just know, as you wobble, all is well. You're learning the lessons you came here to, you're growing and you're calling contrast into your experience so you can launch new rockets of desire and serve the collective with your insights. 
Are you ready to raise your perception of WHAT'S FULLY POSSIBLE for you?
Did you know there's actually a palpable, energetic state where you don't "HOPE it happens" anymore
...you "KNOW it will or something even better than you imagine will". 
Because, everything is here to serve you.



I Want to Start Upgrading, RIGHT NOW

You'll receive this in the form of:

2 One on One paradigm-shifting Coaching calls with Karissa (individually purchased $2,000 value) At the start and finish of the program

Private Facebook Group Access to Connect with other members, ask any questions, share any unique challenges you're facing, get feedback, and reflections from other inspiring co-creators doing the work with you

2 Whole WEEKS of Pre-Work Guidance to increase your awareness and speed positive expectation of your desired outcome

Each unit contains Consciousness expanding Homework & Self Reflection journal prompts

4 Laser focused Weeks of PsychoSpiritual Bootcamp + Daily Guidance in the forms of Video and written Mission Directives

Printable PDF's including a calendar mapping your program

Here's what students of this course (who do the work) will be able to say is their reality:
What I really wanted from this program was to experience starting my day in Peak State. I heard so many successful people talking about their morning routines. But mine was pretty inconsistent, I just wasn’t dedicated to it like I really wanted to be. Turns out, in The Reality Upgrade, I received a lot more than I bargained for. I actually remembered what unconditional love for myself and my world feels like. I don't know how I made it through my day before my centering practice. I'm a crazy person if I miss it for 2-3 days! It just makes sense to start my day with focusing on the basics: breath, movement, my truth, my inspiration, my confidence that I am not my thoughts OR emotions, and that everything is here to serve me. I GET to do this! And it’s both deeply nourishing and propelling me forward. In this state, I know I can always access how I want to respond, feel, think and create. I’m confident because I infuse my whole day's work with the highest frequency when I do this. Now, this is not a one-time-fix-everything magic button. What this program did for me was give me the tools to consistently choose a growth mindset and I created the unforgettable experience of proving to myself I am that one creating my life. The good shit, the poor shit, and the epic wins. All of it is truly my responsibility, nothing is out of sync...and that’s the best news I’ve ever gotten.
"I attribute the calls with Karissa over the last few weeks to the fruition of a long-held desire to work for myself. Since practicing the exercises, I've brought in enough contract work to support myself without having to go to a full time office job. 
Karissa, your program is amazing and I'm so grateful to have shared this time with you! 
Possibilities are presenting themselves everyday and the light just keeps getting brighter! Shine on!"

K. Frazee

"I want to give a shout out to her for her behind-the-scenes influence in my life. Because of our conversations and her example, this week I made the final release of a relationship that was weighing me down. Although the decision-making was fraught with uncertainty and ambivalence, on this side I now feel confident resting in the belief that should hold the space in my life for an intimate relationship with someone whose values and communication skills are a fantastic match with mine. 

I'm going to continue raising myself up and attracting the best. 
Thank you, Karissa, for speaking into my life and consistently, gently urging me to not settle. Here's to high quality relationships!" 

Kesha Kellogg

"I have learned to create my immediate future with ease. Before I react to a situation, I can literally see 2 realities (I'm a very visual person, and these "visions" usually are as clear as a movie in my mind). I can decide which one better serves me and is better for my soul...
[Karissa] has helped me be more of the patient and loving person I desire to be, and a better mother as well. Deepest Gratitude!!!!"

Amber McDowell

Vote for the world you want with your focus. We really have to CARE about how we feel if we want relief. Relief comes from sending love and appreciation to the negative thoughts that arise. Relief comes centering our attention on What Is and the perfection of What Is. Relief comes from taking inspired action towards the version of you that lights your whole body up.
(The rest of my products, services and coaching packages are 5, 10 and 100x more than this incredible Early Bird Pricing. So if you're thinking, “This pricing doesn't make sense. ...is this for real?" I want to let you in on a little secret. . . .my pricing and methods aren't sensical to even me at times, I just have to follow what I'm being guided to do and say.
Because nothing feels better than being in Integrity with mySelf.)

Your reality upgrade comes from your choices in every moment, conscious AND unconscious. Are you finally ready to consistently & FULLY take OWNERSHIP for your experience?
Your fear is here to guide you towards what you need to see.
Imagine what you could accomplish DAILY
if you truly believed You Are an Indestructible Being at your core.
Here's a few reasons, why you definitely need to check this program out for yourself:

1. It's incredibly affordable . You have very low risk and extremely high reward possible, if YOU commit to yourself.
2. When you address the root of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs, you change your Vibrational Set Point.
3. You're breaking monotony, coasting and stagnation
4. You are accountable to yourself and the rest of the group to actually DO the mission directives. You can't hide or slide out of becoming Who You Want to Be.

SO, Are you ready to raise your perception of WHAT'S FULLY POSSIBLE for you?
✔Remember, YOU are your own greatest authority.
✔Check in daily to see where you are externalizing your authority, in any area of your life.
✔You are the Creator. You are the Master. You are God. You get to decide, always.
✔Nothing is outside of you. Nothing is more powerful than you.
The truth of who I Am sees, knows, honors and treasures the truth of Who You Are.
***I'm READY NOW***
the Details:
You can always go at your own pace, if something arises. After payment, you will get an invite sent to the email you paid with.
The private Reality Upgrade Intensive Facebook group will be linked there, where everything you need will be hosted.
You will also receive my calendar to schedule your call times. 
For any questions, shoot me a message here
Full refund is available within 7 days of purchase.
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