November 16, 2018

Until you put what you "know" into practice, you don't Know squat.


Until you put what you "know" into practice, you don't Know squat.

When you finally Get IT, you can leave the room. So we never arrive. And if we arrive, we've learned what we came her to. So then this incarnation ends. Enjoy the process. Whats the rush?

"You can never get sad enough to help someone get happy. You can never get sick enough to help someone get healthy. You can never get poor enough to hep someone get wealthy. Matching someones lower frequency won't get you the outcome you're wanting." - Abraham Hicks

Her friend 'croaked'. Her friend's soul/Higher mind completely choose this. No one is a victim here. The universe may seem complex but it is fair. If that idea doesn't work for you, look at your Definitions. We create this sensation of loss and separation for contrast. Maybe we appreciate and value life so much more because of death. But we don't to create struggle and suffering to learn/remember. We can ask "What am I not seeing?"

Reminder: You aren't more holy cause you offer your gifts/services for Free. You're just as holy when you charge money. 😄

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