March 27, 2019

What Every Emotional Being/Highly Sensitive/Empath in Spiritual Leadership Needs to Hear When Challenged

I know you doubt. I know you worry. I know you just want relief sometimes.
I know you're powerful. You know it too.

Avoiding what you fear but are called to do, perpetuates fear.
Temporary relief may look like a nap or a meditation or food at the moment, but I've found ultimate relief comes from going through the fear. Never from running away from it.
But I understand, because I do it too.
You experience emotional ups and downs that seem to run your life.
You've been SO over it. SO. Many. Times.
You thought, maybe there's something I can do to solve this. Maybe I can change my habits, maybe my food, maybe my job, maybe how often I talk to the people that trigger me (ahem, family) maybe I can meditate more, maybe I should meditate less...the list of options you've contemplated are a mile long.
I promise you,
It gets better.
And it gets easier, faster, going towards What Love Would Do. See, when we get guidance from our heart/soul/higher awareness, but we get afraid immediately and try to ignore the message, it only gets louder. And life gets more chaotic as a catalyst for surrender to our calling. Which is exactly what we were trying to avoid in the first place! Haha!
Don't you see? We are SO loved that we have constant feedback about how to move in the world. Fear is our neon sign pointing towards expansion. It feels like it's pointing at the door saying "Don't look here, Anything but this"
While this truly an invitation to expand our awareness and see that there's only Everything we ever wanted on the other side of fear.

In addition, there are many other factors that meet the eye. There's so much we aren't aware of happening multi-dimensionally. And I'm not talking about the moon or the planets.
You're sensitive to what DOESN'T meet the eye. You're an 'old soul'. And there's SO MUCH we don't consciously currently 'know'. And that's perfect! We know what we need to know... when we need to know it.
Nothing is more powerful than you. NOTHING.
Are you feeling that?
Nothing, absolutely nothing is outside of you. And Nothing is more powerful than you.
When you feel out of control, it's only because you are controlling your experience THAT YOU CAN EVEN PERCEIVE feeling 'out of control'.
There's wisdom at the balance point of extremes, at the intersection of paradox. So?
Perfect for us! We have LOTS of experience with extremes and paradox!
Honestly? Maturity doesn't look/taste/smell the same. On anyone. For instance, the happiest guy on the planet might be a monk who doesn't have sex, doesn't travel, doesn't indulge in material luxuries, doesn't smile or laugh as often as you'd expect....but he's found his peace. He's found his truth. And that's ALL HE KNOWS. That's ALL he SEES. He's deliberate in seeing his preference, because he knows that what creates his world.

We're not here to be copies, it's impossible. So even though our mind's pattern finder/meaning maker searches for congruency in repeated traits of people we admire...Nothing is a fact. Seriously. What matters most is finding what is real and effortless for you to express as...regardless of IF it looks, sounds or acts like the others in your bubble of influence.
As Marie Forleo likes to say, the world needs that spark that only You can Give.

You're experiencing your  spiritual journey as a spiral staircase that you ascend at different speeds as you realize deeper meaning, growth, truth and wisdom.
Wisdom, unconditional love and spiritual leadership won't look the same for you as it does for your sister or your inspiring social media crush. This whole time, in this human experience, you get the opportunity to experience limitation for the sake of contrast. You're SO free, you're SO powerful, you're SO limitless, you're SO unconditionally loved and loving to can create the illusion that you are stuck, weak, limited and insignificant.
It is not a fact that you are destined for a rough ride. It is only your belief 'that's just the way it is' that perpetuates it. But once you see it and it is nonsensical to you, it leaves. (Unless you believe that keeping nonsensical beliefs serve you.)

Something I've been testing out and surprising myself letting all types emotion express itself, but not identifying with it. It doesn't even have to make sense to me or anyone else why I went from talkative one minute to crying the next to silence to laughing. And I'm SO grateful I'm finally giving MYSELF permission to do this around my boyfriend and his young daughter and my flat mates and strangers. There's actually so much more safety in allowing the energy to pass and learning from it, than stifling it til I can cry behind closed doors or 1 week later.
It's like having someone come visit you. When the visitor arrives, you don't internally scream (ok maybe some of the introverts do, tee hee) and go "WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?"
When your visitor arrives, you don't suddenly mistake your identity for them, just cause they're in your house. You don't ignore your visitor. You don't get angry for them coming over and tell them to leave immediately. You entertain the visitor knowing they will leave and you will have grown as a person for the experience. You take cues from your Emotional Guidance System. And if fear is pulling out all the stops and it feels like there's a war going on inside of you, remember, you're always succeeding at what your intention is. How you're living your life is in congruence with your dominant intention. Even if it's a unconscious fear based intention to Seek Comfort No Matter What, even at the expense of your purpose work.

Let your strength WORK for you. I like to turn on Epic soundtrack as I write or begin my day or need a reminder of the importance of my existence. When I listen to inspirational scores as I work, I'm allowing myself to FEEL wide variances of frequency, and this propels me in my WHY. Why I'm doing what I'm doing becomes really clear to me. This is practicing allowing the energy and joy of living to circulate throughout my field and noticing that I Am the one matching a frequency. I am the one creating all of this experience.

I'm going to leave these words here...
Global. Soul. Harmony. It all Begins and Ends with You.
If the frequency feels good to you, soak in it for a few seconds.
What I really want to experience, at this time, is starting my day remembering what unconditional love for myself and my world feels like. I remember uttering the words (when I daily meditated for 30-100 minutes) "I don't know how I made it through life before my centering practice. I'm a crazy person if I miss it for 2-3 days!" And today I remembered that of COURSE it makes sense to start my day in Unconditional Love Hugs with Creation. I GET to do that. I have access to everything I want there and I can infuse my whole day's work with the highest frequency when I do this.
Your ideas, your highest excitement, your passion...this is why you're here. Allow yourself grace and the space to feel. Feeling is your superpower. I know it seems scary...ALL THAT POWER you can feel brimming. And you avoid feeling. Because you're afraid of the depths of darkness you've sank into in the past. And you know you're not that person. So why allow that expression? Because by suppressing it, you're saying it has power over you. That something *could* hurt you. But remember...
YOU are an indestructible being at your CORE!
Your existence is vital. Your ideas are answers to prayers. Your work is answering prayers. Silently, invisibly, but impactfully, you are choosing the world you want to live in. With every choice you are literally choosing the reality you'll experience. When you act on your highest excitement you are literally creating heaven on earth for yourself.

We have this idea that we can finish. "Once I'm done, I can rest" maybe coming from earlier years..."Once I do this, my parent will stop bothering me".
Like, at a lower energetic state, we have a hope we can just BE DONE already. So we're looking for a way out and we're avoiding. Maybe even with a touch of the belief "The longer I'm alive, the worse it gets" from our childhood or "It's only going downhill from here". Hopelessness and powerlessness reminiscent of your early years.
And the real thing is, you've probably considered ending your life at some point...hoping you can just get out of the pain. But you know now how pointless THAT is. You can't escape your reason for Being. You can't escape your purpose. Not even in death. So as you've gotten older you've realized there's no real relief in suicide. Because you don't *really* want to die. Even if your darkest moments.
What you *really* want, is to LIVE. Fully.
In your zone of genius.
You want to feel that sweet relief of CONSTANTLY being in flow.
And what's frustrating to you is that you KNOW this song and dance. You preach this. Hell, maybe you even made money helping others navigate this kind of course. SO then there's even a bit (or alot) of shame around needing support and reminding yourself of this truth when you wobble.
Just know, as you wobble, all is well. You're learning the lessons you came here to, you're growing and you're calling contrast into your experience so you can launch new rockets of desire and serve the collective with your insights.
Recently I discovered about myself...after a tsunami of life changes occurring simultaneously (making the biggest timeline shift of my life towards the most exciting version I could imagine)...that I had been choosing fear over love in my business the past few months. I rationalized that I wanted stability and I didn't want my new epic reality to shift drastically again, too soon. I told myself, 'I'm not ready for major shifts, again, so soon, I'm just going to coast for a while. I'm not going to go towards fear'. (Please note that only BECAUSE of my prior 6+ months of going towards fear, following my soul's guidance to the extreme, and constantly proving to myself I wasn't going to die if I did the thing....that this epic new timeline was even AVAILABLE to me.)
What I see as funny, is the old lack belief "It's only downhill from here" that came into play. Instead of "It only gets better from here and everything is here to serve me, no matter what". Now, with this feedback from my choices and reflection upon my motives, I get to see that I'm definitely tired of yo-yo-ing. And it's not worth it any longer to seek (the illusion) of safety, familiarity and comfort (outside of myself) at the cost of my integrity with my soul's vision. The catalyst did its job. Good job Creation. I surrender to love.
This is why I am launching Reality Upgrade:
A 4 week intensive program laser focused to take you, at any energetic level you're at, to the next level of What's Possible for your...

  • Finances
  • Mental AND Physical Well-being
  • Soul-led Business
  • Core Relationships and
  • Spiritual journey

If you'd like to SAY YES to the Next Level You that's waiting for you, you can still join us! For the first 20 Reality Upgraders who sign up, I'm gifting this program to you for only $50. CRAZY, I know. Be sure to join before the price increases on April 4th to $150. It's my life's work and the richest/juiciest/deepest wisdom I can give at the lowest cost.  We begin the intensive on April 11th!
You'll get:

  • 2 Whole WEEKS of Pre-Work to Begin before we Begin
  • 4 Weeks of Daily Guidance in the forms of Video and Mission Directives
  • Private Facebook Group Access to Connect with other members, ask any questions, share any unique challenges you're facing, get feedback, and reflections from other inspiring co-creators doing the work with you
  • Printable PDF's including a calendar mapping your program
  • TWO 1:1 Coaching calls with me (individually purchased $2,000 value)
  • Many more benefits + Details to come soon!

The rest of my products and services are 5, 10 and 100x more than this incredible Early Bird Pricing. So if you're thinking, "This is crazy. This pricing doesn't make sense. How can she do this for real?" I want to let you in on a little secret. . . .my pricing and methods aren't sensical to even me at times, I just have to follow what I'm being guided to do and say.
Because nothing feels better than being in Integrity with mySelf.
Do you agree? Follow the link to join now.

Thank you for your existence. I'm grateful to speak to you. Remember, YOU are your own greatest authority.
Check in daily to see where you are externalizing your authority, in any area of your life.
You are the Creator. You are the Master. You are God. You get to decide, always. Nothing is outside of you. Nothing is more powerful than you.
The truth of who I Am sees, knows, honors and treasures the truth of Who You Are.

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